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Somatic Experiencing

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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a body-based therapy for the treatment of trauma.  Trauma resides in the body as trapped energy, which may have become fixed when the body was over-whelmed.  The gentle release of this energy allows the trauma to be released gradually in a controlled manner without the need for the person having to re-experience the original trauma. 

This is a scientifically proven technique, which is suitable for helping many types of trauma including those traumas where the person may have no implicit memory of the trauma.  Developed by Dr Peter Levine, who discovered that animals in the wild whose lives are routinely threatened by predators are not traumatised compared to humans where the natural release of energy from trauma can be interrupted by social and/or cultural influences although the process is similar.  Somatic experiencing allows the person to tune into this natural process.




Re-negotiate Trauma

The person re-negotiates the traumatic time rather than having to re-experience it. This prevents the person from being re-traumatised and helps the healing process.

Interpret the body

The person learns to interpret the information that their body is telling them which becomes a life skill which may be used in any future situation.

Release Trapped Energy

The release of trapped energy automatically enhances a person’s life and self-confidence. The person feels lighter and more attuned to their own body.

Release and Let Go

Early life trauma, which the mind has no memory of, can be released from the body as trapped energy from the original event.




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Content of a session

In Somatic Experiencing sessions the person resources themselves with positive events. The person tracks body sensations, emotions and meanings as they move towards an over-whelming time in their life. This is done as small amounts in cycles. Each cycle releases energy from the trauma. The trauma no longer remains without an energy signature. The nervous system then resets itself.

Length of therapy: 90 min initial intake session and 60 minutes follow ups.