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Somatic Experiencing

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Somatic Experiencing

I am currently in my intermediate level of training in this powerful body-oriented therapy. SE has been the most effective modality I’ve come across for relieving the body of the effects of stress.

“I’ve found our SE sessions to be very educational for me and good practice in being self aware. I really liked the sense of acknowledging sensations, whether good or bad and working through them instead of ignoring or bottling up which is something I’m used to. I found the word we did with boundaries very useful and a bit of an eye opener. Being guided through these exercises is really powerful when witnessed and held by another. It made it so much easier and more comfortable compared to when trying to practice alone. Thanks so much again.” - Eva

“I have been lucky enough to take myself on a journey with the amazing Ffion through her Somatic Experiencing! I have no clue what it’s doing but it’s shifting something within me and its INCREDIBLE! Even just being around her beautiful energy is something special. If you feel this call too or you feel something is stuck, definitely get in touch with her. Thank you for sharing your gift Ffion.” - Sarah Breen, Dance Teacher

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a form of trauma resolution therapy which offers a non-cathartic model of creative interventions to begin to tease out the symptoms of trauma from the body. It is a fantastic modality for connecting you with your inherent resilience and instilling a sense of hope and empowerment in the face of difficult past or current traumas SE is a gentle and effective body-oriented approach to healing trauma and increasing our capacity for resilience and pleasure.

SE can be used for almost any mental or physical ailment. For those of us who have experienced trauma, it can feel like we are stuck in a perpetual negative loop. For some, it could present as a reoccurring injury, infection or relationship issue. The good news is that it's never too late to revisit and renegotiate our previous traumas no matter how big or small. Whether it was a recent accident, bad habit or even a transgenerational trauma, it can all be worked with, and we can always gain some peace and relief from the symptoms that no longer serve us.

An SE session may initially seem like a psychotherapy/counselling session. However, SE is very different from psychotherapy as the goal is to bypass the mind by bringing our awareness to the body. I will guide you through placing your attention on different sensations and emotions you may be experiencing. This exercise helps you to ‘connect the dots’ between what you’re experiencing which in turn creates more coherence. An important aspect of SE is the awareness on pleasure as well as discomfort. Focusing on pleasure & joy in the presence of another can really help us expand our capacity to experience more of these desired feelings. The process of slowly alternating between comfort & discomfort in the body helps to discharge the traumatic energy lodged in our nervous system. While touch is sometimes offered for support and containment, it is not a necessary aspect of a session.



Improved blood circulation

Stimulation of hair growth & Release of stress and mental tension

Clears the mind

Improves alertness and concentration, Relief from headaches and migraines, Relief from anxiety and insomnia

Reduces eye strain

Calms the respiratory system & Creates a deep sense of relaxation and well-being


Balances the energy flow throughout the head, neck and shoulders & Improves lymphatic drainage through the head and the neck

The therapists


Ffion Thomas



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Content of a session

Indian Head massage can be done in a seated position or laying on the massage table. Usually it's performed without oil even if some can be applied on the shoulders and the neck. Same balm or cream can be used as well. Client needs to wear comfortable clothes

Length of therapy: 30 min.