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Somatic Alignment

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Somatic Alignment



About Somatic Alignment

Somatic Alignment sessions offer an integrative approach that combines breathwork, somatic de-armouring, and life force energy transmission to unravel and release stored memories from our past both the body and mind.

These sessions target deep-seated tension and blockages in both the physical and energy bodies, which often stem from unprocessed past traumas, stress, or overwhelm. 

Through techniques such as breathwork, energy work, and De-armoring tools, the aim is to facilitate the natural flow of energy throughout the body and restore the capacity of the nervous system.

Tailored to induce significant shifts in consciousness, these sessions work to dissolve any resistance that may hinder alignment, abundance, and feelings of love and connection. They assist in regulating the nervous system, building resilience, activating life force energy, and expanding the body (SOMA) into a state of openness and expansion.




Connection and Safety

Balance your nervous system, transitioning from survival mode to a state of connection and safety. Alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and overwhelm.

Release Trapped Energy

Address past traumas by releasing trapped energy. Enhance intuition and access inner wisdom.

Deeper Connection 

Foster a deeper connection with your body through breath, movement, and energy circulation. Discover clarity and insights internally while we facilitate the awakening of your inner wisdom.


Transform your energy frequency, improve posture, and revive natural energy flow by releasing bodily pain and tension.




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Content of a session

A Somatic Alignment session begins with an initial assessment, followed by breathwork to deepen body connection and promote relaxation. The session then moves into some somatic de-armouring techniques to help release stored tension and trauma held in the nervous system, while also using energy work to balance the energy flow.

Sessions take place on a yoga mat to allow for the safety of any impulses and movements that happen in the body. There will also be three types of touch used throughout the session; Satvic touch - light tough, Rajasic touch - more stimulating and Tamasic touch – deeper, more intense touch.

There is time factored in for integration time at the end of the session to allow for reflection and processing of experiences and some post-session self-care recommendations.

Length of therapy: 90 minutes


The Dublin Wellbeing Centre is a relaxing haven located right in Dublin’s City Centre, near Trinity College.