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Forest Medicine Circle

The Rapé and Sananga forest medicines, are a sacred ceremony  that connects all of our bodies to the nature and the existence energy.  This cerimony happens so we can have a moment of true, to really see what is inside of us and learn how to deal with it, by the forest teachings.

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The Dublin Wellbeing Centre HomeopathyHomeopathy First Aid Course – Introduction

This is a practice that brings you, your family and friends closer to better heath and further away from serious or recurring illnesses. This introduction is an informative first aid, and also a hands-on, course preparing you to use your own specific Helios first aid kit with confidence. This kit contains 36 remedies and is provided as part of the course. You will also be provided with an informative handbook to be used during the course. No previous knowledge is required.

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Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 1 is a wonderful beginning to an inner journey which will teach you to truly feel energy and trust your own instincts. Reiki will change your life forever. These workshops take place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people. Plenty of time is allocated for questions so you can feel confident using your new skills, even from day 1. 

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Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2 is about continued self-healing and growth. It will broaden your knowledge and healing skills to enable you to help others heal and grow. The focus is particularly on mental and emotional healing, distant healing, an introduction to Reiki symbols, and becoming a Reiki practitioner.

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Reiki Master

Reiki Master Level (or Level 3) will raise your energy vibration through to the full potential of the Reiki Ray, passing through your attunement to the master Symbol and others we will cover. This level is about continued self-healing and spiritual growth. You will continue to master self-awareness, and your knowledge and understanding of Reiki.

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The Dublin Wellbeing Centre Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

The Reiki Practitioner Level will prepare you to step into your own private practice as a Reiki practitioner. This is a practical course but I start it with a special new symbol so as to balance the day's training and keep us all connected to the loving Reiki energy. Combined Master & Practitioner Course also available at a reduced price if booking both.

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Reiki Master & Practitioner Course (Combined)

This course covers all the requirements of becoming a Reiki Teacher, including the spiritual aspects and responsibilities of being a Reiki Master Teacher, whilst also consolidating your learning so that you may advance further and become a more regular practitioner.

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Reiki Master Teacher

This course covers all the requirements of becoming a Reiki Teacher, including the spiritual aspects and responsibilities of being a Reiki Master Teacher. The ability to attune others automatically also allows for a huge increase in your capacity to channel and hold higher vibrational energy for yourself or others around you.

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Reiki Share

The Reiki Share happens monthly, please call or text Geraldine on 086 3473473 to be added to the Reiki Share List. When dates are available you are texted. Anyone who has completed a Reiki Course can attend the share. The 2 hour share consists of an introduction, a short meditation for focus, a Reiki Sharing on plinths and chairs, a finishing up and a cuppa and chat afterwards.

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The Dublin Wellbeing Centre Shamanic Wellness CourseShamanic Wellness Course - A New Approach to Everyday Living

This eight week Shamanic Wellness programme offers participants a practical approach to living our best everyday life. Through the medium of meta-physics, shamanism, psychology and nature this course will transform the lives of participants.

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Shamanism Introduction Day

Shamanism is the ancient Irish way of being synchronized with ourselves and nature. It is the oldest form of healing which most indigenous cultures once practiced, such as the Native Americans, the Incas and the Aborigines. When people come to me for the very first time ever to do any type of holistic healing, we are amazed how easily people are able to tap into their own intuition.

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Survivor of Sexual Abuse - Self Care Group

Are you a Survivor of sexual abuse? Do you struggle with shame, addiction, relationships, and confidence issues? If so, you might like to come and sit within a warm, non–judgmental environment with people who have experienced what you have. If you find yourself at a crossroads, perhaps the time has come to embark on a new healing journey and arrive at the place you’ve always yearned for. Receive support, guidance, and strategies in a compassionate space. Learn to befriend and overcome the pain, challenges, low self-esteem, shame, trauma and negative thinking which you have courageously lived with up until now.

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The Emergence of the Inner Shaman - An Introductory Experiential Day

Have you always felt pulled towards the world of Shamanism? Would you like to dive deeper into your own journey of personal discovery, growth, and healing? This course is tailored to Psychotherapists, Holistic & Health Care Practitioners, as well as the general public. This course offers a trans-personal and Shamanic approach to connecting with yourself. You will experience personal development and learn practical tools for everyday living. Protect and connect with spirit on your own soul's journey. Shamanism is the ancient Irish way of being synchronized with ourselves and nature.

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Journey to Becoming the Shaman – 4 Residential Experiential Weekends

Have you already completed "The Emergence of the Inner Shaman - An Introductory Experiential Day"? Are looking to dive deeper into your Shamanic journey and practice? Throughout this course, you will connect with Spirit and Your Guides as you continue to deepen your personal Shamanic practice. You will also learn how to hold sacred space for others and facilitate sacred journey.

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Tarot Card Circle

This is where people get to practice their abilities, where they can bring any problems they are having with reading or with life in general.  It’s a safe place where we can all enjoy our gifts. I have found in the past that people want something more after completing the three previous Tarot courses, so I have set up the Tarot Circle.  People can drop in and drop out whenever suits them, I just ask that you let me know if you can attend. We will explore other spreads, help each other if anybody has a problem.  Enjoy the safe place that we have become used to.  It’s a fun evening where absolutely anything can come up. The first Saturday of each month from 6.30 to 8.30, by appointment only.

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Tarot Card Share Dublin 2

Tarot Card Reading Course - Beginners

Each Tarot card has several meanings. In this course we will explore together the meanings of these cards. I will explain how to read them and how they interact with each other because it is not in the meaning of each card that the reading shows its truth. It is in you and your psychic abilities.

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Tarot Card Reading Course - Intermediate

This course follows on from the Beginners Tarot Course and further hones your psychic abilities. We will go more in depth into the cards, with more in depth spreads and further exploring the meanings of the cards.

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Tarot Card Reading Course - Advanced

We are now taking you a step further on your journey through your psychic abilities. This course further hones your gifts and helps you understand on a deeper level all your Tarot Cards and your ability to read them.

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Women's Full Moon Circle

These monthly women’s full moon circles are a gathering of women, soul sisters, from all walks of life and all ages around the time of the full moon to share, cleanse, reflect and connect with the wisdom and beauty of each other, the moon, life and our journey. Each gathering has a theme related to the cycle of the moon, the seasons, our universe and ourselves. In order for all women to feel comfortable and able to take advantage of this sacred space with all its opportunities for insight and healing, I do not publish the actual dates. We gather 3 days either side of or on the full moon and attendance is by my invitation only once we have first made contact by phone, text or email.

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Benefits of therapy




We don’t have to be sick to take time out for self-care, being proactive about our health, can save time and money in the long run.

Non-judgemental space

This is a completely confidential and non-judgemental space. Therapies can assist you to offload, gain insights, move forward, be happy and feel fulfilled in life.

Free yourself

It is usually that want we desire most that keeps us from reaching our goals. Step up to the challenge and you will free yourself.

Health & Wealth

Your health is your wealth! Look after it and it will serve you in time to come with well-being, happiness and meaning in life.




We will share useful information with you from time to time: health tips, details of courses and events and money off promotions for therapies at the Dublin Wellbeing Centre. Reminding you to take care of yourself with practical advice and tips.

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