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Holistic Facial Massage

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Holistic Facial Massage


About Holistic Facial Massage

Holistic Facial Massage is my signature treatment that combines Ayurvedic and Japanese sculpting facial massage techniques, head massage, lymphatic drainage, Somatic Experiencing, and abdominal massage (for two hour treatments).

The connective tissue of the face, neck and head can become constricted and fixed from lack of dynamic movement, stimulation, and as a result of holding stress and unexpressed emotion. Quoting William Shakespere, "God have given you one face, and you make yourself another!"

Working with this connective tissue, and the deeper layers of tissue and muscle is important because it directly impacts the stagnation that results from lack of mobility in this area. This brings a greater flow of blood and nutrients to the face, resulting in more supple, hydrated, and glowing skin. This treatment also has a profound impact on the nervous system, as a result of working directly with the vagus nerve which is highly innervated in the face, neck and chest. With the addition of abdominal massage (for 2 hour treatments), you will receive a truly nourishing treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and grounded.

"I was blessed to have Ffion lay her soft gentle hands on my skin. I'm a new mother with not much time to spare so this was the ultimate treatment. My facial was out of this world. Truly relaxing and I felt comfortable enough to drift in and out of sleep. This has been the best facial I've ever received. Then Ffion gave me an abdominal massage and worked on releasing pressure under my ribs after being pregnant. Both of these treatments are very different yet extremely beneficial. Her work is caring and kind. Ffion is present for you and your needs and she walks you through her process as she goes along . My experience from start to finish was beautiful and Ffion is a warm gentle ball of energy"

Holistic Wellness Centre, The Dublin Wellbeing Centre, Dublin 2







Stress and tension relief


Reduction of puffiness and stagnancy


Improved appearance of skin tone & contours of face & jaw


Better sleep & feeling of wellbeing



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Content of a session

The room will be comfortable and warm with plenty of blankets to keep you cozy and covered throughout. You do not need to remove clothing for this session, but it's recommended that you wear a low neck top, otherwise it will be necessary to remove it so your chest and neck can be worked on. The first portion of the treatment will be performed without any oil or products so that the lifting techniques can be done without too much glide or slipping, after which a nourishing oil blend will be massaged into your face, neck & chest to perform the rest of the treatment. Most recipients of this rejuvenating massage drift in and out of a restorative and deep rest throughout the treatment. It is a massage that focuses on the top portion of the body, but clients often report feeling like they've had their whole body worked after they receive it. You can guarantee feeling lightness, relaxation, and bliss after this treatment.

Length of therapy: 60 minutes, 90 Minutes & 120 Minutes