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Shamanic Session Integrated

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Shamanic Session Integrated



Shamanic Session Integrated

Integrated sessions are one-off sessions, best sought during times of great change in one's life. They allow for as much as possible to be considered, assessed and worked though. Such work is deep and cannot be timed or brought to an end until it is completed. Four hours are therefore allocated, all of which will be made good use of. Feedback from clients recommends you keep your day free so that you may have the freedom to do what you realise your heart desired. Geraldine provides a safe and sacred environment.

Between the work in the session and follow on soul work, allow approx. 5-9 weeks for this work to fully integrate, possibly longer. Support is available at any time. Clients usually return as required, months or years later.

Client feedback suggests, in particular with the integrated sessions, to allow free time afterwards as you may want to do something special, like go for a meal, walk by the sea, just rest, have some alone time or go out somewhere or meet someone. It may be best to call and discuss your details to ensure suitability for this work.

We also offer Shamanic courses here at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre! Our Introductory Day “Emergence of the Inner Shaman” is taking place this coming October 1st, 2022 from 10:00-17:00. To read more about what this introductory day has to offer, please visit

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This Introductory Day is a precursor to our Year 1 course “Journey to Becoming the Shaman” which consists of 4 Residential Experiential Weekends aligning with the Celtic calendar. The first weekend will be taking place 25/26/27 November 2022. To learn more about this course, please visit

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Work on the core, initial hurt which frees up unnecessary patterns which no longer serve you.


Offers the possibility of a major shift on your life’s journey. Life Changing.


One big session which offered a life review and unexpected healing.

Let go

Let go of old hurt and compensated patterns, changing who you are.




We will share useful information with you from time to time: health tips, details of courses and events and money off promotions for therapies at the Dublin Wellbeing Centre. Reminding you to take care of yourself with practical advice and tips.




Content of a session

Intake of a talking session, life review.

Preparation work to prepare and ascertain if the work is to happen today.

Energy work on trauma which is usually not in the conscious mind.

Length of therapy: 4 hours