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Psychospiritual Supervision

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Psychospiritual Supervision



Psychospiritual Supervision

Psychospiritual Supervision helps therapists connecting with clients who experience the identity or the self, extending beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of the human experience, life, the psyche, the cosmos.

Many clients present with Spiritual or Transpersonal experiences, defined as "Peak Experiences", "Altered States of Consciousness", connection to spirit or spiritual beings, the higher self, guides, ancestors, angels and mystical experiences. This model of supervision will give the supervisee tools, interventions, strategies and self-development to enhance the skill base when working with clients who may be experiencing a spiritual emergency or going through what Jung termed "The Dark Night of the Soul".

Psychospiritual supervision is a very effective professional model for therapists, holistic practitioners, Shamanic and Energy Therapists that may feel ill equipped or may not have the confidence or skills to work with clients who present with or experience spiritual or transcendent aspects of the human experience within the context of psychotherapy.




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Experience better mental and emotional well being.

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Experience less anxiety, stress and sadness and more confidence, stability, and peace.

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Learn how to better deal with life’s many challenges and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

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Develop compassion both for yourself and for others, leading to a more forgiving way of being.

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Content of a session

The initial session is a bit different from any other, as we will be meeting each other for the first time. We will use this opportunity in part to just get a sense of each other to see if we are a right fit, while also having the chance to find out more information. For example, I might ask you why you have decided to come to counselling, why have you come now, what are you looking for and what are your expectations. You will also have the chance to ask me any questions you might have. How long this initial process will take changes from person to person but at some point in the session we will begin the process of counselling and take it from there.

At the beginning of each session I will check in with you about how you are and ask you what you would like to use the session for. Often I continue to work from where we ended the last session, but this doesn’t always happen, particularly if something more pressing has happened in the time since the last session. The majority of each session is made up of an exploration of your experience, in an attempt to generate awareness, gain insight and develop a richer understanding of who you are.

Sessions usually end with another check in about how you are and an agreement to try and do one (or more) things between now and the next session.

Each session is 50 minutes long.

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