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New Pre-Accredited Psychotherapist with a very interesting skills set, Kay Coakley taking bookings now

Kay Coakley Pre Accredited Psychotherapy Dublin 2

We would also like to welcome Kay Coakley who is a pre-accredited psychotherapist, who has recently joined the centre. Kay has an MA in Ethnomusicology and training in complex trauma and Transcending Trauma, Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy as well as NLP training and a certificate in Nutrition. 

Psychotherapy is a way of becoming more aware and in tune with your experiences as they unfold from moment to moment. This allows you to develop a different set of experiences and so a more fulfilling way of being in the world. It provides you with a safe and confidential space to explore what is going on for you without the risk of being judged or criticised for what you say, how you feel or who you are. A pre-accredited Psychotherapist has completed their training and has already 120+ hours of practice. To become accredited, they are required some additional hours of practice and so offer their sessions at a reduced price. 

You can read more about Kay at this link and continue to book an appointment.