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Introduction to Crystals and the Subtle Energy Field with Liam Cunningham MA SEP from Donegal

Liam Cunningham is absolutely passionate about his crystals and we are delighted to have him come from Donegal in May to offer courses and healing sessions at the centre. Liam has a deep understanding and connection with the crystal world and is going to run an introduction course about crystals and the subtle energy field in the centre on Saturday the 13th of May. He will be running another course on Sunday the 14th of May, the Fundamentals of Sounds healing with Crystals. He will be available for one to one subtle energy medicine healings in the centre on Monday the 15th. These courses and healing sessions can be booking at this link. 

About Introduction to Crystals and the Subtle Energy Field

    • Meditation With and without Crystals
    • How/why to clear personal energy Fields which crystal are appropriate
    • Uses Of Crystals In Daily life and Self Healing
    • The importance of Grounding in Energy Work/Meditation
    • Ways of Grounding including with Crystals
    • In-depth exploration of Rose Quartz
    • Healing techniques with Crystals including creating Pyramid
    • Chanting with Crystals
    • Offering Crystal Mandala for Earth Healing
    • Crystals to take away 

Some of Liams own Crystal Mandalas, amazing work that he is so passionate about as you will see here. It will be an enjoyable and informative day no doubt.


“Liam helps create and facilitate a sacred space by using the sacred art of creating Mandalas.  The design itself symbolizes the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected. Liam helps facilitate this connection within us, our higher self and spirit.  Liam often uses nature within his design connecting the four sacred elements and the cosmos with a beautiful and intricate design.”

Grandmother Flor De Mayo founder of the Path and member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.


“Liam Cunningham is one of the most brilliant thinkers I have come across in my years of community engagement and academic research. With his intuition, ingenuity, and desire to unapologetically view the world in its interconnected, multiple, and complex realities, Liam has been able to connect, understand, and relate to the world in ways that defy word and written description. Pulling from a conceptual framework that is impressive in depth and scope – drawing from Subtle Energy medicine, philosophy, religious studies, applied theatre, peace and conflict resolution, and years’ worth of community work – Liam excels in working with diverse learners and adverse environments; this includes working with children with learning disabilities, as well as combining creative and intellectual approaches to problem-solving and academic expression.”

Dr. Justin de Leon (Lecturer, University of California, San Diego) Artist Film Maker.


“I have know Liam in many different capacities, as an Applied Theatre facilitator and as a Subtle Energy Therapist. In working with International Exchange Student Programme Liam designed and delivered integrative Arts programmes harnessing elements of Subtle Energy Awareness. His appropriation intuition and ability to weave practice and theory seamlessly according to the defined specialised needs of the group is exceptional. I have found him to be inspirational holding a great capacity for reaching and connecting the most closed off young people. As a Subtle Energy practitioner on a personal level I have found great support guidance, from Liams perceptive acute energy healing with crystals and the Jewel like Mandala work, offering meditative and healing spaces that facilitated beautifully personal healing processes of personal/spiritual development. I have found Liam to be a generous warm and inclusive person with a beautiful lightness of being.”

 Aeveen, Gestalt Therapist 


Liam’s gift in the perceiving of energy, and form is unique. When I was writing my book Macha’s Twins he could see the artistic vision that was trying to come forth within it.  He helped me to see it clearly and then to articulate the light and energy within my work. In this support he gave to me in consultation over some years, I was able to find the form that most truly expressed the essence of my work. It was also inspiring and uplifting to work with him.

Kate Fitzpatrick Celtic Shaman Author Macha’s Twins 

Read more about Liam and the course he is going to offer in May at the centre at this link.

Make a booking Enquiry directly to himself, choose introduction to crystals and the subtle energy field

Not to be missed!

He is also running an course on the Fundamentals of Sound Healing with Crystals on Sunday the 14th of May.

And One to one subtle energy medicine healing session on the Monday.