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Forest Ceremony- Rapeh Medicine with Debora

Forest Ceremony- Rapeh Medicine with Debora, starting Sunday 20th of August 2023

Step into the mystical realm of the forest ceremony, where ancient traditions and scared wisdom coverage. Join us for a transformative experience as we dive into the enchanting world of Rapeh Medicine, guided by Debora, brought from Brazilian Amazon Forest.

What is Rapeh Medicine?

Rapeh, also known as Rapé, is a potent powder derived from a scared blend of tobacco and tree barks. This revered medicine undergoes a meticulous preparation process, including mincing, burning, and sieving, resulting in a finely powdered form. In the ceremony, this magical powder is gently blown into each nostril, initiating a profound connection with Mother Earth’s healing energies.

As the spirit of Rapeh envelops you, a powerful grounding sensation takes hold, aligning your being with the essence of nature. This deep connection allows you to awaken your inner warrior energy, enabling you to navigate life with newfound strength and resilience.

During the Forest Ceremony, you’ll embark on a sacred space that explore the depths of your being, unveiling hidden truths and empowering you to deal with them through the profound teachings of the forest. Honoring the spirits of the forest and the guardians of Rapeh Medicine, Debora’s ceremony offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself.


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