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Naomi Goodman’s Tera Mai ™ Sakara Gathering on the 2nd & 3rd of September

Naomi Goodman’s Tera Mai ™ Sakara Gathering on the 2nd & 3rd of September

Ignite your inner Fire at the Tera Mai Sakara Gathering with Naomi Goodman on 2nd & 3rd of September for a transformative experience like no other. The Tera Mai Sakara Gathering and Cleanse is designed to ignite your Trust and Mastery over the spiritual aspect of elemental “Fire”, the force behind magic and healing.

Embrace Fiery Emotions: Transform bitterness and vengefulness into healing energy. Additionally, experience the scared conversing as you are surrounded by Healing Pyramids of Light and Guiding Angels.

Experience Divine Protection: Cleanse your life with Vortices of Golden Light. As you speak, the energy shifts, creating fluidity within divine protection, and empowering you to choose again.

Led by the experienced Naomi, a practitioner from Kathleen Milner’s lineage, this gathering calls upon soul-appropriate collective energies to foster healing and growth. Moreover, you’ll rediscover your Divine Heritage through learning and transformative experiences.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to connect, heal, and transform. Reserve your spot now and let the magic of elemental Fire guide you towards wholeness and empowerment.

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