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All Level Reiki Share with Naomi Goodman.

All Level Reiki Share with Naomi Goodman, starting on Thursday, 17th of August 2023.

Discover the Power of Reiki Shares: An open invitation for All Reiki Practitioners!

At the Dublin Wellbeing Centre, Naomi Goodman is excited to bring you the transformative experience of Reiki Shares twice a month, catering to your preferences and the time of the year. Whether you’re an evening person or prefer the daytime, we have you covered!

The Reiki Share welcomes anyone who has completed a Reiki Course, regardless of their level – from Reiki 1 to Master Teacher. It’s a warm and inclusive space where everyone can join in and contribute their healing energy.

During this uplifting 2 to 2.5-hour session (duration may vary based on attendance), we come together to immerse ourselves in the world of Reiki. Our Share begins with a heartfelt introduction, setting the tone for a nurturing experience. A short meditation helps us focus and align  with the profound energy of Reiki

Naomi Goodman, Reiki Share at the Dublin wellbeing CentreAs we gather on plinths and chairs, the magic of Reiki sharing unfolds. Each participant generously offers their healing touch, creating a powerful flow of positive energy that touches all present. Finally, as our Share comes to a close, we wrap up with gratitude and appreciation for the energy exchange that took place.

Afterwards, we invite you to join us for a cuppa and a friendly chat at one of the many cafes nearby. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect, share experiences and deepen your Reiki Journey together.

Book your session with Naomi now and embrace the power of healing within you.