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Family Constellation

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Family Constellation 



About Family Constellation 

Family constellations is a form of ancestral healing that helps reveal the hidden dynamics in a family dynamic or relationships in order to address and heal them.

The issue or original disturbance can have its roots in the ancestral past and could be impacting our present lives without us knowing it. The basic idea is that any issue or challenge has a root in the ancestral past and by working on and releasing the original disturbance we heal the system and release the old ancestral patterns allowing and restoring the flow of life force energy.

Julie- "I did not know going into the session just how much a few sessions can uncover and release. Abi was great at holding space and helping me move forward. Highly recommend it"




Release toxic patterns

Release any recurring negative patterns you may or may not be consciously aware of that are impacting your life.

Harmony in relationships

As the family soul is brought back to balance, all relationships become more harmonious and peaceful.

Manifest your heart’s desires

Once you are standing fully in your power free from ancestral entanglements, you are then free to manifest your desires.

Relief from generational trauma

Any trauma or stress you may be carrying from another generation is released




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Content of a session

A Family Constellation Therapy session involves the practitioner collecting information about the family, past relationships, recurring patterns etc. to uncover the root cause or the original disturbance. Through working the movements of the family soul, the practitioner then works to release these hidden entanglements. The client may be asked to repeat certain statements or make certain movements and will feel the energetic release in the process. The practitioner holds space to facilitate the release.


Length of therapy: 90 minutes.


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