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Somatic Experiencing at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre

Somatic Experiencing at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre

Somatic Experiencing is a body-based therapy for the treatment of trauma.  Trauma resides in the body as trapped energy, which may have become fixed when the body was overwhelmed.  The gentle release of this energy allows the trauma to be released gradually in a controlled manner without the need for the person having to re-experience the original trauma.


Somatic Experiencing is a body orientated therapy which can use body movement to allow an internal flow of energy through the body. We are passionte  to facilitate others on their journey.


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Somatic Experiencing: Learning to be Present in Our Own Body


Living in our own body can sometimes be the hardest task we engage with in our daily lives. Deadlines at work, problems at home and the numerous other distractions cause us to live mostly in our heads. Add to this past trauma(s) and our body my not have much of a look-in unless it breaks down.  Finding space in our body where we can be present, unafraid and at peace is perhaps the most compassionate gift we can give ourselves and others. Trauma causes part(s) of our body to contract as we move away from what the body sees as threat in order to survive. If this happens the traumatic experience is no longer the problem, rather it is the body’s reaction to what has happened. By gently tapping-in to the constricted area in small steps, the body gradually releases the energy we have been holding as we come into contact with it, and we are moved to be more at ease within our bodies, allowing us to have greater resiliency in our daily lives.  We learn to trust the messages our bodies are sending us and find a new world of information just waiting to be received. Somatic Experiencing as developed by Dr. Peter Levine engages us with this natural process of discovery about ourselves and those traumatic events from our past.


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