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Shamanic Retreat, Journey to Death & Rebirth, in Wicklow 12,13,14th April 2024

Journey through your Death & Rebirth at Imbolg – A Shamanic Retreat, Experiential Residential Weekend – 12/13/14 April 2024

Join Geraldine Walsh & Gerard McNevin for a powerful experiential residential Shamanic Retreat weekend in Sli na Bande, to reflect on your life to date, contemplate on your wishes for the future ahead, at the time of imbolg, the Celtic festival of spring and new life, with like minded people in sacred space and shamanic ceremony. Journey through your death and rebith in sacred ceremony through experiential and healing exercises in Nature.


Join our shamanic retreat sacred journey to death and rebirth including eagle flight


Reflect on your life

Gift yourself some sacred time away from the busyness of everyday life, to relfect on what you are ready to let go of and what you want to manifest from here onwards.

Experiential Exercises

Be empowered to move through your fears, step through to a new way of being, a new way of thinking and a new life to live through experiential exercises, come fly with us!

Shamanic Journey

Journey to and through your death and be rebirthed through all of the above as well as :

  • Connect with nature in a sacred way, with mother earth and all the elements of the 8 directions,
  • Connect with your sacred guides and power animals,
  • Connect with yourself and align with your soul journey in this lifetime,
  • Partake in facilitated self healing opportunities,
  • Receive revelations & insights,
  • Learn about the shamanic medicine wheel,
  • Learn about our model of enlightenment,
  • Receive a sacred munay ki initiation,
  • Parktake in sacred fire ceremony
  • Partake in sacred stone work by building you own sacred mesa, medicine bundle to take with you for further integration of all the learning on this weeekend and further self

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