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Introduction to Crystals and The Subtle Energy Field, 8th June 2024

This workshop, Introduction to Crystals and The Subtle Energy Field, serves as a gateway into the realm of subtle energy medicine, unveiling the transformative potential of crystals combined with sound and chant in the healing process.

Subtle Energy Medicine The Dublin Wellbeing Centre Dublin 2

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we encounter a myriad of challenges that can drain our energetic reserves, leaving us feeling vulnerable and off-balance. This workshop provides a sanctuary for exploration, offering insights into restoring equilibrium from an energetic standpoint using crystals.

Participants will delve into the intricacies of their subtle anatomy, beginning with the observation and assessment of their personal bio-energy field, commonly referred to as the human Aura. Through a series of guided exercises and teachings, attendees will acquire techniques and tools for self-healing and personal development. Techniques for self-healing and personal development are taught, including meditation and energy field clearing with light work, visualisations, and crystals. They will learn to assess their energy field and explore techniques for clearing it using light work, visualizations, and crystals.

Special emphasises placed on the healing properties of Rose Quartz and grounding techniques using ten grounding crystals. Therapeutic uses of sound and chant, including overtone singing basics, are covered. The day includes creating a healing pyramid with crystals and a collective Earth healing session through group chanting and mandala creation. This workshop welcomes everyone seeking to deepen their understanding of energy awareness and crystal work. This is an opportunity to work with others in any field as well as interpersonal dynamics.

Areas covered on the day

  1. Learn meditation techniques focusing on self-healing.Gain skills to assess your energy field effectively.
  2. Explore methods to clear your energy field using light work and visualisations.
  3. Experience the cleansing properties of crystals for energy clearing
  4. Discover various practical uses of crystals for holistic healing.
  5. Dive deep into the healing properties and applications of Rose Quartz.
  6. Understand the importance and techniques of grounding your energy field.
  7. Identify and learn about ten grounding crystals for stability and balance.
  8. Explore the therapeutic benefits of sound and chant in healing practices.
  9. Delve into the basics of overtone singing for vibrational healing.
  10. Engage in creating a healing pyramid with crystals and participate in Earth healing through Group chant and crystal mandala creation.

Tutor Bio, Liam Cunningham, Donegal

Liam is highly experienced teacher has been 25 teaching of Subtle Energy Medicine teaches from beginners to post graduate Internationally specialising in advanced practices diverse modality and platforms for healing including palliative care. He has been setting up diploma courses in Ireland since 2004 and coordinates graduate and student community clinics.

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Saturday 8th June 2024

10 am to 5 pm

At The Dublin wellbeing Centre, Dublin 2

There will be a selection of high quality crystals available on the day.