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Débora Sierra De Gouveia: How did the Tea Reading knowledge arrive to me?

Debora Sierra De Gouveia, a marvelous Brazilian Shaman, is coming back to The Dublin Wellbeing Centre this coming weekend! She will be offering Shamanic Reiki, Tea Readings and Forest Medicine Circles from April 28th-May 2nd 🙏🌸🔥💗

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How did the Tea Reading knowledge arrive to me?

On my first winter in Europe, in Ireland, I remember how freezing it was. All my life living in Brazil, I didn’t have the right clothes for the Irish weather, for sure.
I had a two-hour break between appointments. I thought maybe I should go and get some tea, warm up, spend some time, and go for my next appointment happy and warmth.

The attendant asked me: Which tea do you fancy?
And I replied: Which ones do you have?
And the attendant answered me with several words I’ve never heard in my life before.
I just replied quickly, “give me the red tea, please. You can never go wrong with red tea, right?”

I sat down to enjoy my tea and suddenly I heard a woman talking to me, clearly, not a voice in my head, but I heard from my physical ears a woman talking to me. And she said: WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING? YOU’RE TAKING THIS TEA WRONG! DROP THE TEA LEAVES INTO THE MUG!

I looked around me and there was no one near me. I thought I was going crazy, but maybe not. Perhaps the tea tasted better with the loose leaves in the mug.
I did as the “lady” instructed me and continued drinking my tea and reading my kindle.
And with my peripheral vision, I noticed some figures being formed at the bottom of the mug. Figures that made sense to me. That represented important things to me. That sent me a message.

I went home in shock and called my friend so quickly, and told her: love, I think I’m going crazy.
I told her what happened and she told me I wasn’t crazy. But what I just did, was an ancient divinatory art and she said she would come to me so I could show her. And so that was done, and it happened once more.
I called my other friend, told him the story, he told me he would come to me to see it for himself. And so that was done, and it happened once more.

A friend was referred and so was the friend’s friend.

With practice, I could understand the importance of energetic and divine structures for a protected and clear Tea Reading Session. I could understand how powerful it is praying, talking to the herbs, studying the mythologies of symbols and their meanings.
I could learn how important it is to take care of myself and to protect myself, to open my intuition.

Currently, we are past the first hundred readings.
Over hundred pieces of advice, stories and healing are drawn on my tea mug.

Wisdom from the herbal grandmothers, who came before us all.
That is grown from the soil, the same soil that received our ancestors, received their bodies, therefore their wisdom.
The soil that holds all wisdom and shares this wisdom in every leaf, petal and branch.