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Astrology Beginner Course with Danielle Vierling!

The Dublin Wellbeing Centre is delighted to announce that one of our wonderful therapists, Danielle Vierling, is starting an Astrology Beginner Course this coming January 2022 🙏🙌

This course will be run over 6 weeks starting on January 17th, 2022. It will be held via Zoom on Monday evenings, from 7-9 pm.

The cost is €220 for the full course (to be paid by January 10th) or €40 per drop-in, 2 hour class.

Please click on the link below and select this course from the drop down menu to book your spot!

Danielle invites and welcomes both beginners & improvers to explore their own Birth Map Soul Truth along with others doing same ☀🌸🧚

Course Layout by Week:

1) The Layout & Components of a Birth Map

2) The 12 Zodiac Signs

3) The 12 Houses of a Birth Map

4& 5) The Planetary Meanings (Inner & Outer) and their Placements

6) And Planetary Aspects

All classes will be discussed in relevance to attendees’ personal charts.

The course is expertly facilitated by Danielle Vierling who has had 50 years of mentoring from her esteemed mother, Genevieve ( & 30 years experience teaching astrology.

In-person attendance encouraged & permitted in Southside Dublin if possible.

For more information please email 💗