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About Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine that embraces a natural & holistic approach to healing. It is a gentle yet effective treatment for various ailments. The approach is holistic, taking into account all of your personal experiences, both in illness and in health. The initial session lasts an hour and a half, during which you and your Homeopath discuss your significant past experiences, illnesses, your diet, sleep and dream life. One or more remedies are then prescribed and a follow up appointment is organised to monitor progress.

Monali, our in house Homeopath, has practiced Homeopathy for over 10 years. She has expertise in treating patients with both acute & chronic ailments. This consultation includes the remedy cost. 

How does it work?

SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTAR: Any drug capable of producing morbid symptoms in the healthy individual, will remove similar symptoms occurring as an expression of disease. This principle of LIKE CURES LIKE is applied to find a suitable remedy to match the presenting complaints of each individual. A remedy is specifically prepared, a highly diluted substance given mainly in the form of a sugar pill which is dissolved under the tongue.

Why to choose Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle, safe, natural, non-toxic and effective medicine. Homeopathic remedies boost your immune system which in turn kick start your body’s own healing ability. These remedies stimulate body’s defense mechanism for self-healing against illness. It is a system of ‘whole person healing’. It considers the complete mental, emotional and physical symptom picture which you, the patient, bring to the consultation room. Book your Homeopathic session with Monali now. 

10 Good Reasons to Use Homeopathy

1. No harmful side effects 
2. Deep acting & long lasting
3. Gentle & holistic
4. Inexpensive
5. Preventative treatment 
6. Not tested on animals 
7. Easy to take
8. Patient involvement
9. Invaluable for First-Aid
10. Safe for newborns, children, expectant & nursing mothers, and the elderly 





A gentle and effective treatment with no harmful side effects.


It is a preventative treatment which boosts your immune system making your body, mind and spirit stronger.


It is relatively inexpensive and covered by most health insurance companies.


This treatment involves you as the patient and provides valuable insights.




We will share useful information with you from time to time: health tips, details of courses and events and money off promotions for therapies at the Dublin Wellbeing Centre. Reminding you to take care of yourself with practical advice and tips.




Content of a session

The initial session lasts 90 minutes, as I do a detailed intake of your personal details and why you came.

The Session comprises of patient profiling which includes Present & Past complaints, Mental & Emotional State, Family History, Lifestyle, Likes & Dislikes and Sleep & Dream Patterns.

Following the session, I will do some work to find your specific remedy and post it to you with detailed instructions. Remedies are selected by analyzing the patient’s profile & follow-up is suggested.

Initial session - 90 Mins
Follow up session - 60 mins