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Ffion Thomas

Holistic Ayurvedic Fusion Massage | Indian Head Massage | Kansa Vatki Foot Massage
Kansa Wand Facelift Massage | Somatic Experiencing



About Ffion Thomas

Mandala Holistic Therapies is an amalgamation of my skills and passions, my offering to the world which is deeply rooted in my journey back home to myself. I began learning holistic therapies at the age of fifteen. It is my greatest joy to guide others to find their own capacity to heal. My service to you comes in the form of Ayurvedic massage treatments and Somatic Experiencing, which is a form of trauma resolution therapy.

I like to think of Somatic Experiencing as a powerful resiliency building model which can greatly assist with helping us find the inherent pleasure and vitality in our lives. Being somatically (body) aware is a really important aspect of healing and wellbeing. Being fully embodied means that we are connected to our deepest needs and desires so that we can live from that place of inner awareness. Massage and movement are experienced with much more zeal and presence when we become embodied. Ayurvedic massage treatments are a treat for all of the senses. I use ancient techniques and special bronze healing tools to assist in stimulating energy points, draining any excess fluid or lymph and contouring and sculpting the face to help my clients look and feel their very best. It’s such a joy for me to offer this combination of modalities as I feel they significantly complement each other.


“I have been lucky enough to take myself on a journey with the amazing Ffion through her Somatic Experiencing! I have no clue what it’s doing but it’s shifting something within me and its INCREDIBLE! Even just being around her beautiful energy is something special. If you feel this call too or you feel something is stuck, definitely get in touch with her. Thank you for sharing your gift Ffion.” (Sarah Breen - Dance Tacher)

"I had an Ayurvedic facelift with Ffion recently and absolutely loved it!! I had never been a big fan of facials before, as I never saw much difference to my skin afterwards - but this experience with Ffion was totally different. 

The Ayurvedic facelift is such a relaxing and holistic experience. It's so much more than a facial! You get the the relaxation of a massage and the plumping of a facial in one. You feel totally cared for in a really lovely and cosy space. I'll be recommending it to everyone!” (Niamh Gallagher - Reiki & Yoga Nidra instructor)


"I throughly enjoyed my facial rejuvenation (natural facelift) treatment with Ffion. After one treatment I noticed a difference in the tone and texture of my skin. My eyes looked more open and refreshed and the dark circles were diminished. As well as the physical benefits I slept like a baby afterwards it was just so calming and relaxing on my nervous system. Ffion has a professional yet warm manner and made me feel very pampered even down to the grounding foot massage at the end of the treatment. It’s these little touches that stand out for me! She is an exceptional massage therapist, and this unique facial treatment is amazing! I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy regular facelift treatments it’s a wonderful and worthwhile anti ageing treatment I would highly recommend experiencing Ffion’s magic touch!” (Jenny McAteer - Holistic Esthestician)

Therapies Provided

Holistic Ayurvedic Fusion Massage

Holistic Ayurvedic Fusion Massage

Both Holistic Swedish & Ayurvedic massage techniques are combined in this bespoke treatment. Have muscle tension melt away and experience the stimulating, therapeutic benefits of Ayurvedic copper massage tools that assist with lymphatic drainage, connective tissue release and any puffiness or fluid retention.

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Indian Head Massage, The Dublin Wellbeing Centre, Dublin 2Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a deeply relaxing massage treatment which focuses on the head & upper body. It is performed in a seated position for maximum effectiveness and access to the whole scalp, neck & shoulders.

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Kansa Vatki Foot Massage

Kansa Vatki Foot Massage

Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki foot massage is a wonderfully relaxing holistic treatment, which helps to balance body, mind and spirit and free the flow of energy throughout the body.

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The Dublin Wellbeing Centre Kansa Wand Facelift Massage

Kansa Wand Facelift Massage

Nourishing oil blends are used to perform a deeply relaxing and effective facial massage treatment. I use a special Ayurvedic bronze tool to stimulate and activate pressure points on the face & neck, sculpt the musculature and drain away any excess puffiness in the facial area. Finishing off with a signature facial and scalp massage routine that will leave you feeling like you’ve just spent the day at a spa.

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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing

I am currently in my intermediate level of training in this powerful body-oriented therapy. SE has been the most effective modality I’ve come across for relieving the body of the effects of stress.

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