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Reiki Level 2 Course with Geraldine Walsh Starting this December

Have you already completed a Reiki Level 1 Course and are looking to learn more?

The Dublin Wellbeing Centre is delighted to announce that Geraldine Walsh is starting a Reiki Level 2 Course this coming December, 2021!

This two day workshop will take place Saturday, December 4th & Sunday December 5th, from 10am-4pm at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre, 24 Frederick Street South, Dublin 2.

The cost for this course is €275 with a €50 deposit upon booking.

Reiki Level 2 is about continued self-healing and growth. It will broaden your knowledge and healing skills, to enable you to help others to heal and grow. The focus is on mental and emotional healing, introduction of Reiki symbols, distant healing and Reiki practice with a view to becoming a practitioner. These workshops are set in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with like minded people. Plenty of time is allocated to your questions so you feel confident in using your new skills from day 1. You will have a new skill/career after completion of the next level, Reiki Practitioner level. After this 2 day workshop you will be attuned to a further higher vibration of powerful Reiki energy. You will be able to gift Reiki using the wonderful Reiki Symbols to yourself and others and now also using distance healing and you will be able to do space clearing also.


What is covered in this course?

• Revision of Reiki 1, what it is etc, hand positions, the chakra system and feeling energy
• Sharing and feedback of your experiences since Reiki level 1
• Further affirmations and grounding techniques as well as visualisation and meditation
• Introduction to Reiki Symbols to further empower your Reiki healing incl.
• Personal Reiki 2 Attunement
• Giving and receiving the Reiki symbols
• Distance Healing, the ability to send Reiki healing to people and situations in your life
• Space clearing and cutting of the ties
• Absentee healing method for inner-self / inner child
• Mind body connections
• The important of personal energy management, self care and well being while giving Reiki
• Professional Reiki
• Guidelines for a Reiki 2 Session
• Maximizing the power of your Reiki Sessions
• Client Consultation Form
• Recommended books and websites
• Sharing of experiences of Attunement/Initiations and questions arising
• Each student will get plenty of practice giving and receiving Reiki
• Opportunities for students to share course experiences
• Brief introduction to the further levels of Reiki


You will also receive:

• Reiki 2 Manual to take home for reference on all learning
• Certificate of Completion of Reiki Level 2 – in compliance with the RFI (Reiki Federation of Ireland)
• Continued support
• Follow up support session
• At the end of the workshop we will arrange to meet for a follow up session of approx 2 hours,
this usually takes place 3-4 weeks later. This allows us to share how you are getting on with
Reiki Level 2, answer any questions you may have in the meantime and share some Reiki.


This course will also:

• Provide a wonderful relaxing time for you to reflect and heal yourself
• You will boost personal well being and direction
• Meet new like minded friends


We hope to see you there 💗🌼🙏🌞🔥🧚‍♀️

For any further inquiries, please feel free to contact Geraldine at 086 347 3473 or email


More about Reiki:

Reiki is a gentle but powerful hands on healing art. It helps restore balance and harmony to your mind,
body and spirit. Used throughout the world by people of all races and belief systems, Reiki is something
that can benefit people of all ages from children to adults including during pregnancy.

Reiki has proven to be of great relief for a broad range of conditions. It is used as a compliment to conventional
therapies in hospitals. It can assist with the following conditions to mention a few, migraine, asthma, skin
conditions, ulcers, orthopedic injuries and arthritis.

The gentle Reiki energy is also effective in calming the mind and has helped many with anxiety and depression.
You do not have to be ill to benefit from Reiki, it can assist in reducing Stress, increasing your energy levels and
physical health.

On this course, we will give you an awareness and understanding of life force energy, holistic health and the
mind-body connection, and how to harness and use this energy in everyday life for health and happiness. In
just two days you will learn simple but amazingly powerful healing techniques for calming and revitalising your
mind, body and spirit, for relieving stress and pain, for increasing your well-being and for bringing deeper
insight, healing and balance to yourself, your family and friends.

Everyone is welcome to learn, from young children to people in their senior years – no prior experience or
training is needed, just an open and enquiring mind and the time and commitment to continue practising the