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New Tarot Card Beginners Course Starting Soon!

Danielle Vierling is starting a new 8 week Tarot Card Beginners Course this Autumn! The course begins on October 18th and runs until December 6th. Classes will be held every Monday evening from 7-9 pm at the Dublin Wellbeing Centre, 24 Frederick Street South, Dublin 2. The price for the Beginners Tarot Card course is €280.00

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We hope to see you there!

Here is what is covered in these classes:

– How you discover your intuitive abilities via Tarot, understanding of Archetypes, & other practices that heighten Higher Knowing
– Understanding the 4 Suits as Guideposts in Work, Health, Relationships, and Creativity.
– The 👑 Court Cards as Mirrors of our Self Development & Mastery of different aspects of our beings
– The First 11 Major Arcana Highlighting Our Journey of Self-Discovery & Intuitive insights
– The Last 11 Major Arcana Taking Our Transpersonal Truths Out into the World 🌎
– Key 🔑 Tarot Spreads that Give Clarity about Work, Health, Love, Family, Creativity, Education , and Soul Evolution.
– Practical coaching on how to become a successful, professional Tarot reader or use it as an effective tool of self-discovery & spiritual awakening.
– What is unique about Danielle’s course is that she makes it personal & relevant to the individuals who take it.
– Everyone gains personal hands on experience & insights during the course & comes away really able to trust their intuition not only in reading the cards but in their real lives.
– You will learn how to develop stronger intuition & to channel soul truth via this Tarot Course.  

Danielle Vierling is a Soul Truth Tarot Maven, who was blessed with a lifetime of mentoring from her mother, renown astrologer, The Blue Light Lady, & with decades of her own experience giving readings & teaching courses world-wide since 1990.