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From Survivor to  Thriver (female group)

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From Survivor to  Thriver


About the Course

This is a psychoeducational and supportive therapy group for female survivors of sexual abuse, this ten week course will help you break out of secrecy, shame and unhealthy patterns of coping bringing you to a place of compassion, resilience and healing. 

This group will be facilitated by male and female therapist. The group format is divided into two segments. The first half of each group are psychoeducational and is based on themes that emerge for survivors of sexual abuse. Common themes that emerge for survivors include the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of abuse. The ten week course will also address old ways for coping with abusive experiences such as compulsions and addiction

The second half of the group is experiential and gives participants the opportunity to talk about and receive support from the facilitators and group members. Participants will also be given a variety of interventions for dealing with shame, guilt , anxiety, anger, worry and PTSED, boundaries and interpersonal relationships  to assist them in their journey  towards healing. Participants wishing to engage in this psycho-educational group should be engaged or willing to engage with individual therapy as the content can bring up unresolved issues from the past that you may need support with.

Gerard has worked for over thirty years in the caring professions. He has worked as a Nurse, Social Care practitioner and a therapist. Gerard has vast experience working with male and female survivors of childhood sexual abuse and the severe effects that impact on all aspects of individual lives.  During his experience as a therapist he has witnessed the impact that sexual abuse has on the lives of survivors. Sexual abuse affects the whole person from a Social, Emotional, Behavioural, Psychological and Spiritual perspective. This course will provide participants will strategies, interventions and techniques to enable participants to cope more effectively with life and enhance the healing process. Although clients’ stories differ the themes and patterns of abuse are similar. The reason why this course is specific to female survivors of sexual abuse is that the effects of  abuse are similar yet different  for the  male and  female survivor . Furthermore, having both genders in the same group may bring up issues of power trust and shame could emerge which can impede the healing process.

This course Offers psychoeducation interventions, strategies, exercises and games to assist you to settle into the group, build confidence and develop skills for self care and rebuild confidence. This  as well as the support from one another can help  the individual and the group to break through the confines of secrecy, shame and unhealthy patterns for coping and living life, to a place where they experience compassion, resilience and  healing as they honour their own to experience and live life more fully on their terms 


I felt heard, understood and relieved . I began to accept myself and I learned some tools for when the tough times came – Shauna, Dublin

When I arrived at the course my head was all over the place, I couldn’t look at people because I thought people could see right through me. By the end of the course . I was much more in control . I was spinning out of control any more. For the first time I felt more at home with myself – Maya, Kildare

I really loved the interventions. I felt angry and frightened a lot of the time and people would stay away from me. The isolation was terrible.  Each week I got tools to help me if and when the demons arise.  My friends are here for me now, not running from me. - Lauren, Kildare




Recognise the patterns of sexual and how they impact on all aspects of life.


Develop Enhanced Coping Skills and Resilience.


Better self-care, boundaries, and self-image


Breaking through secrecy, developing resilience, becoming more assertive and finding your voice.

The therapist


About Geraldine Walsh

I am an experienced and registered holistic therapist. I practice various therapies and can assist you to breakthrough old patterns and habits that no longer serve you.

About Gerard Mc Nevin

Gerard is a practicing psychotherapist, trainer and workshop facilitator. He has worked in the caring profession for thirty years and has qualifications in Nursing, Social Care, Reality Therapy , Energy Healing Healing and Shamanic Healing.



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Content of the course

2 Day Course from 10.30 – 4.30 pm

These courses are practical hand on courses. Each course provides a Reiki Manual to take home for reference on all learning, a certificate of completion in compliance with the RFI (Reiki Federation of Ireland), continued support and a follow-up support session.

Wear comfortable clothing. Changing facility available.

This courses also provide a wonderful relaxing time for you to reflect and heal yourself, boost your personal well-being and meet new like-minded friends. Reiki is a very useful and positive tool to have in your life.