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Ear Candling

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Ear Candling


About Ear Candling

Ear candling is a gentle, calming and effective method of treating issues in the ears, nose and throat; including glue ear in children, catarrh, sinusitis, excessive ear wax and tinnitus.

A long, cone-shaped candle is used, placing one end of the candle just over the ear opening. The lit candle acts like a chimney, gently drawing impurities out from the ear canal.

If you are experiencing pain in your ears/sinus please consult with a doctor before making your appointment. Ear candling is not a substitute for syringing and ‘extracting’ or ‘pulling’ ear wax from the ears. It is most beneficial in softening, loosening and preparing for the release of wax which has built up excessively in the ears.




Alleviates ear and sinus blockage as a result of compacted ear wax (a series of treatments is recommended).


Colds and flu benefit from the cleansing activity.


Regulation of pressure in the ears and head (beneficial especially for frequent flyers).

Headache and migraine

Relief for headache and migraine. The treatment itself is also calming and relaxing in cases of stress and tension.



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Content of a session

Your therapist will begin the treatment with a lymphatic drainage massage of the head, face and neck area, encouraging the sinuses to drain towards the neck area - preparing for the clearing which the ear candles will perform.

Then your therapist will ask you to lie sideways in the plinth, in a comfortable and relaxed position. A hollow, cone shaped ear candle will be placed above your ear with one end just covering your ear opening. The other end of the candle will be lit and your therapist will attend you as the flame burns, allowing waves of warm air to massage through the ear canal, drawing out impurities and relieving internal pressure.

Your therapist remains in constant connection with the candle, monitoring the burning time of your candle. At no point does the flame come near to your ear/face. There is no wax dripping due to the design of the ear candles and it is a pain free treatment.

The candle itself is a cotton tube which has been coated in beeswax, therapeutic oils and herbs (often chamomile and lavender).

This is a calming, relaxing treatment which can last up to 60 minutes.