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Christine McQuillan

Herbal Medicine



About Christine McQuillan

I began my journey as a herbalist when I studied as an apprentice to Judith Hoad in Donegal in 1999. Here I learned to identify and process medicinal plants from their raw state into medicines. I qualified in herbal medicine, natural healing and Iridology at Herbeire in Portlaoise. Since 2008 I had my own practice in Dublin 2.

About Christine McQuillan

Herbal medicine, I believe, should be with us as human beings from the cradle to the grave. It should be part of our everyday self­-care in the home, it should be taught in schools and integrated fully into modern medicine. The invaluable knowledge that has been gained from thousands of years of documented usage cannot be lost and must be preserved or humanity will have suffered a great loss. Herbs are an intrinsic part of the fabric of life, a vital part of our connection to the natural world. They are both foods and medicines.  This is why I continue on my journey of learning, practicing and preserving this age ­old medicine.

Therapies Provided

Therapies Provided

Herbal Medicine

Master Herbalism is based on treatments which take into account the whole person. Our formulae are individually designed and work towards cleansing and nourishing all of the body’s systems. Herbs give the body key ingredients to make healthy new cells .

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