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Bio Energy Healing

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Bio Energy Healing



About Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy healing is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years by many cultures around the world. It is based on the belief that we are all connected through a universal energy field called "bio energy" or "chi". This energy flows through us and connects us to everything else in the universe.

Bio energy therapy is based on balancing the energy body, our matrix, which can reflect an imbalance long before the physical body shows any signs of illness or disease. This matrix, our Aura, our defence, or immune system, has all the information about our sickness or health. When our energy body is balanced, and surrounds our physical body evenly, we are healthy,

Lydia- "I had a beautiful healing with Abi. I was feeling like my energy levels were low and l was feeling lethargic. I was lacking motivation and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Abi was very patient, caring and understanding. The night of my healing session I had a lovely sleep. I would 100% recommend him. Thank you Abi"

Zyanya- "I truly enjoyed Abi Healing session. Abi is kind, thoughtful, and puts immense care into his session to ensure his client is comfortable. His sessions can help with various things and bring some meditation and mindfulness to the day. I look forward to more sessions with him in the future!"




Anxiety and Stress Relief  

Bio energy works to release any unwanted thoughts or emotions which cause stress and anxiety. Anxiety cannot co-exist with a balanced energy body.

Better Sleep

Bio energy promotes healthy sleep allowing the body to recover and heal on all levels. Sleep is vital for the body to function properly.

Relief from aches and physical pains

A bio energy therapist is trained to work specific protocols that give relief from physical pains, aches and any injuries.

Trauma Release

Bio energy healing works on a deep cellular level and helps us release any stored trauma or shock in the system across lifetimes.




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Content of a session

In a Bio Energy healing session, healers work using a light touch on your body at specific points.

The healer will invite you to relax and close your eyes if you wish.

Bio energy healing does not involve massage or physical manipulation.

As the practitioner works on you and the body is brought back into balance, a deep sense of calm and relief is felt.


Length of therapy: 60 minutes & 90 minutes 


The Dublin Wellbeing Centre is a relaxing haven located right in Dublin’s City Centre, near Trinity College.