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Ayurvedic Oil Massage



Marma Point Therapy



About Ayurvedic Oil Massage / Marma Point Therapy

This Type of massage is designed to create balance among the mind, body and spirit helping the body to heal itself. The focus is to help clear energy channels in the body, moving and dislodging toxins and balancing the chakras (energy centers). An Ayurvedic oil massage has physical benefits like releasing muscle tension, lymphatic Drainage and more nourished skin from head to toe.
It stands out from the other massages due to its focus on the skin, rather than just the underlying muscles.

The focus of the Ayurvedic Marma point massage is primarily to manipulate subtle energy or prana, but Physically they're also very effective for relieving stiff muscles and boosting circulation - When Prana flows freely from the Nadis into the Marma points, there is health. There are 108 marma points - 107 on the physical body and one in the mind. These points are known also as Acupuncture and Acupressure. Combining Reflexology helps to cleanse the organs, calm the nervous system, promote relaxation and other benefits.
Both aim to keep Qi flowing through the body, keeping it balanced and disease free.







Relieve stress

This massage is a very energetic massage moving and unblocking and stagnant energy that is stuck helping the body to relax and release

Improve blood flow

Primarily a surface massage on the skin and top tissue the brush strokes help to improve blood flow.

Reduce joint pain

Helping to create heat in the body, and using pressure points to help move any tightness in joints reducing pain.

Promotes sleep and overall wellness

As a very relaxing and cleansing massage one of the effects can be an increase in quality of sleep.




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Content of a session

Upon arrival, you'll be welcomed into a calming environment designed to elevate your experience. The session begins with a brief consultation, understanding your current state and intentions. You'll then be gently guided into a meditative posture. Using sacred symbols and angelic connections, the practitioner channels healing energies. Throughout the session, specific hand positions and techniques are employed to target energy centers and imbalances. Soft, harmonious sounds may accompany the process, furthering your relaxation. As the session concludes, you'll have a moment to ground yourself, assimilating the healing energies. A brief discussion follows, providing insights and post-session care recommendations. The entire experience is crafted to be deeply transformative, ensuring you leave refreshed and realigned.

Length of therapy: 60 & 90 minutes.


The Dublin Wellbeing Centre is a relaxing haven located right in Dublin’s City Centre, near Trinity College.